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Welcome to Phy-Cy.X Security Group, LLC

Achieving CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization (RPO) status, Phy-Cy.X became the second company in Kansas recognized to provide industry leading security assessments, compliance, consulting, program development and management services for the new USG/DOD cybersecurity framework, CMMC. Our focus is on small and medium size business, DOD/USG contractors and supply chain organizations. Our services are tailored to the needs of each organization utilizing industry best security frameworks.

Small & medium size business
DOD/USG CONTRActors | supply chain orgs

Phy-Cy.X is NOT an IT company, we are a value added, outsourced business accelerator. We specialize in the “Physics” of Information Security delivered through the physical and cyber domains. Infosec is a dynamic multi-faceted problem set facing every organization. Understanding your individual organization’s needs to secure your most critical information is imperative and this is where the Phy-Cy.X team excels.



Cybersecurity and CMMC pre-assessments

The key to a solid security posture is through testing and continual improvement, never settling for “good enough.” Our audit and security assessment services provide your organization an unbiased look at your current posture and we work with you to implement industry best practices through the utilization of multiple frameworks (CMMC, NIST, ISO, etc.) that suite your organizational needs.

consulting | vCISO

vCISO, CMMC and Other security consulting services

Our consulting service focuses on assisting your organization in an effort to build or improve upon your existing information security management system. We work with you to identify those areas that need secured and assist with documentation development and technical implementation. In addition, we also offer cost effective vCISO services for those organizations where a fulltime staff CISO is not efficient.

Managed services

CMMC and Other Security Managed Services

So you have an “IT guy,” great! You are successfully overtasking and under-resourcing them! Our managed services are value added to provide your IT staff the time needed to ensure your networks and work centers are secured. We work along side your IT team to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability is achieved! We build, manage, and maintain your policies, programs, and processes whereby reducing risk through a defense in depth approach.

Why Phy-Cy.X?

Phy-Cy.X Security Group takes a complex issue and makes it easy to understand and manage, from the entry level IT employee all the way to the CEO. Our expertise relies on our ability to communicate tactical level physical and cybersecurity problem sets and convey them in plain English to upper level management, C-Suite execs and Board Members. This communication effort allows intelligent decisions that best fit the organizational needs to be achieved.

When considering your security solution, you must understand that 100% secure is not attainable. At Phy-Cy.X, we know that to be considered a threat you must have two things; Capability and Intent. If a threat actor has the capability but not the intent, then they are not a threat to you; likewise, if they have the intent but not the capability then they are also not a threat. Having this understanding and approach, we work with you to develop a security posture that is an asset to your business instead of a liability and expense.

With our focus on policy, programs, processes and people foremost; our security integration procedures allow for you to minimize costs and maximize profitability through value added decisions when it comes to incorporating your security infrastructure, hardware and software. Contact us today to discuss how you can build a defense in depth approach to your security efforts, making your organization as safe as economically feasible, based on the true threats you face.