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Understanding your organization’s needs is where Phy-Cy.X excels in securing your most critical information.

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Our services are tailored to the needs of each organization utilizing industry best practices, world class cyber and security practitioners.

Phy-Cy.X is one of the first in Kansas recognized to provide industry leading security assessments, compliance, consulting, program development and management services for the new DOD cybersecurity framework, CMMC.



A solid security posture is achieved through testing and continual improvement. Our security assessment services provide your organization an unbiased look at your current posture and we work with you to implement industry best practices that suite your organizational needs.


Our consulting service focuses on assisting your organization in an effort to build and improve upon your existing information security management system. We work with your executive, security and IT staff to identify areas of improvement, assist with policy development and technical solutions.


Our managed services are value added to provide your IT staff the time needed to ensure your networks and work centers are secured. We work along side your teams to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability is achieved, reducing risk through a defense in depth approach.

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Highly experienced physical & cyber security professionals


Provide efficient, cost effective, value-added information security solutions through both physical and cyber domains, that meet the individual needs of your organization


Ensure adaptive, policies, procedures, and programs are implemented to provide a sustainable and scalable security posture that defends against ever evolving threats

TEam Expertise

The team at Phy-Cy.X is made of highly educated, certified and experienced physical and cyber security experts. Through this expansive corporate and armed forces knowledge, experience and capability; Phy-Cy.X is unsurpassed to assist your organization in developing the best tailored security posture at the most cost effective approach. Phy-Cy.X has earned the distinct recognition as a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization and employs CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners to assist in securing the defense and acquisition supply chains.

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Mr. Stevens has served more than two decades in the United States Air Force, experience includes: Aircraft Maintenance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Cyber Warfare Operations and as a Senior Enlisted Leader. He is an innovative entrepreneur and trailblazer where he successfully exited his previous company which was the 23rd in the nation to receive FAA Section 333 authorization to fly drones commercially. Mr. Stevens earned a Technical MBA in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University, a NSA and DOD designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense; and a B.S. in Security Management from Southwestern College. He is a CMMC Registered Practitioner, CompTIA Security+ certified, and earned Homeland Security Professional Certification. Additionally, he continues to serve his community and the nation by remaining a member of the Air National Guard.

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CMMC 2.0

Phy-Cy.X Security Group, LLC one of the 1st CMMC RPO in Kansas.

As CMMC progresses on, effective Nov 30, 2020 an interim DFARS rule is being integrated where all DOD contractors whom currently self attest to NIST 800-171 will need to have a BASIC assessment conducted and score provided to the Supplier Performance Risk System in order to remain eligible for contract awards. Call us today to see how we can help you conduct a NIST assessment utilizing the Assessment Methodology to generate your score and post to the SPRS.


The DOD has recently updated CMMC to version 2.0. There were significant changes to the framework and the way certification is obtain. The framework has been updated to reflect three levels vice five levels as was present in version 1.0.

Level 1 has been updated to self-assessment and no longer needs a third party (C3PAO) audit to obtain certification.

Level 2 has been aligned with NIST 800-171 where the additional 20 items have been removed. Self-assessment was the hope but according to the DOD CIO, companies who fall under CMMC L2 will be required to be certified by a C3PAO.

Level 3 is currently in development but should be expected to align with NIST 800-172 with some additional requirements. This level will only be for those most critical contracts.

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Thank you for your interest in Phy-Cy.X Security Group and reviewing our CMMC offerings and other security services to the Wichita, KS regional area. Please fill out the below form and we will contact you shortly. For immediate inquiry, please call 316-315-5769.