Welcome to Phy-Cy.X Security Group, LLC. We specialize in Information Security through both physical and cyber domains. We are not an IT company, we ARE an Information Security company. InfoSec is a multi-faceted problem set facing every organization and the threat continues to grow daily. Understanding your individual organization’s needs to secure your most critical information is imperative and this is where the Phy-Cy.X team excels.

The “Physics” of Information Security

Information Security serves to secure your most important data, whether that’s proprietary information, client/employee personal identifiable information (PII), payment card information, technology manuals, etc; if it is important to your business then you should consider it information that needs to be protected from unauthorized disclosure. This is where the “Physics” of Information Security becomes an absolute necessity. The “Physics” combines the multi-disciplined effort of both physical security and cybersecurity provided through policy, programs, processes, and people.

Physical Security

Physical Security provides the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized physical access to your assets. This includes how individuals gain access to your outside premises, entry into your facilities, and maneuvering within your office/work spaces with the ultimate goal of physically acquiring your most valuable information and data. Worse yet, gain access to your IT infrastructure and implant malware which would provide an attacker external access to your internal networks.


Cybersecurity provides the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized IT/network access. This includes, your organizations public facing IT assets as well as your internal networking infrastructure and devices, such as computers, servers, cell phones, ipads, etc. In today’s society, most organizations rely heavily on the use of information technology and it is your responsibility to ensure the information and data you maintain in the cyber domain remains safe and secure from bad actors.

Why Phy-Cy.X?

Phy-Cy.X Security Group takes a complex issue and makes it easy to understand and manage, from the entry level IT employee all the way to the CEO. Our expertise relies on our ability to communicate tactical level physical and cybersecurity problem sets and convey them in plain English to upper level management, C-Suite execs and Board Members. This communication effort allows intelligent decisions that best fit the organizational needs to be achieved.

When considering your security solution, you must understand that 100% secure is not attainable. At Phy-Cy.X, we know that to be considered a threat you must have two things; Capability and Intent. If a threat actor has the capability but not the intent, then they are not a threat to you; likewise, if they have the intent but not the capability then they are also not a threat. Having this understanding and approach, we work with you to develop a security posture that is an asset to your business instead of a liability and expense.
If you don’t need a multi-million dollar security posture then why pursue those solutions?

With our focus on policy, programs, processes and people, foremost; our security integration procedures allow for you to minimize costs and maximize profitability through value added decisions when it comes to incorporating your security infrastructure, hardware and software. Contact us today to discuss how you can build a defense in depth approach to your security efforts, making your organization as safe as economically feasible, based on the true threats you face.