Highly experienced physical & cyber security experts.

Founded with a primary focus on Information Security, achieved through both the physical and cyber security domains. Cybersecurity is a hot buzz word; however, Phy-Cy.X understands, cyber is only one piece of the overall security posture your organization needs to implement to achieve the best position to keep your most sensitive information, safe and secure. By employing effective and efficient, physical and cyber security measures, you can be sure that a solid defense in depth approach has been implemented.


Provide efficient, cost effective, value-added information security solutions through both physical and cyber domains, that meet the individual needs of your organization


Ensure adaptive, policies, procedures, and programs are implemented to provide a sustainable and scalable security posture that defends against ever evolving threats

TEam Expertise

The team at Phy-Cy.X is made of highly educated, certified and experienced physical and cyber security experts. Through this expansive corporate and armed forces knowledge, experience and capability; Phy-Cy.X is unsurpassed to assist your organization in developing the best tailored security posture at the most cost effective approach. Phy-Cy.X has earned the distinct recognition as a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization and employs CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners to assist in securing the defense and acquisition supply chains.

Cyber & Physical Security
Compliance & Regulation

IT Administration
Intelligence Operations

Cleared Personnel

Graduate & Undergraduate Degrees include:
TMBA Cybersecurity
MS Information Security
Computer Science
Security Management


Mr. Stevens has served more than two decades in the United States Air Force, starting his career off in Aircraft Maintenance. Thereafter, he was an integral part in expanding the USAF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and finally served in Cyber Warfare Operations.

Aside from his Air Force career, Mr. Stevens is an innovative entrepreneur and trailblazer, where his previous company was the 23rd in the nation to receive Section 333 FAA authorization to fly drones commercially, from which he achieved a successful exit.

Mr. Stevens earned a Technical MBA in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University, a NSA and DOD designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense; and a B.S. in Security Management from Southwestern College. He is a CMMC Registered Practitioner, CompTIA Security+ certified, and earned Homeland Security Professional Certification. He is currently completing ISC(2)’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and EC Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certifications.

Additionally, he continues to serve his community and the nation by remaining a member of the Air National Guard.