Information security management systems

The need for both physical and cyber security has never been more important than today. Implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System is imperative for small, medium and large businesses alike. ISMS is our specialty, where we work with you through all phases of the ISMS program to include development, implementation, and maintenance while always looking at ways for continuous improvement. Your system will be developed for your specific needs, not a cookie cutter approach, as we understand each organization is unique and face their own individual threats. Call us today to see how we can help you design, implement, update and/or improve your ISMS through our risk sharing value structures.


Through our consulting services, we help you achieve your security goals in an efficient, cost effective manner. We work with you to develop value added plans to meet your specific needs. We offer flexible hourly rates and per project pricing.
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– Regulatory Compliance
– Policy, Processes, Procedures
– Business Continuity /

Disaster Planning
– System Security Plans
– Network Configuration
– Physical Security
– User Awareness Training


Developing and implementing your ISMS is only the beginning. When it comes to an effective security posture, maintenance and accountability of your program is imperative. Our managed services are focused on ensuring your program is up to date at all times, producing the best risk mitigation environment possible. Managed services are annual and multi-year contracts, billed monthly.

– ISMS Management
– Leadership Engagement
– IT Team Integration
– Audit Prep/Support
– Plan of Action / Milestones
– Monthly Reviews and Reporting
– Continuous Improvement


Assessments are essential to understanding how well your ISMS or network is postured to defend against daily threats. We work with you to develop the best assessment scenario for the given project, specific to the objectives outlined. Assessments are priced per project, based on the size of the organization, network(s) and desired outcomes.

– Baselining / Gap Analysis
– Pre-Audit Review
– New Infrastructure Installs
– Network Configuration / Updates
– Physical Security Review
– “Blue-Team” Pentesting*
– “Red Team” Assessment*

*Blue / Red Team will be coordinated through trusted third party entities

CMMC Certified Services
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business impact….the “so what” metrics

Average Cost of a Breach in the United States:

Average Cost <500 Employees:

Top 4 Cost Factors:

#1 – Lost Business:

# Days to Identify Breach:

Top 3 Cost Multipliers:

Top 3 Cost Mitigators:


$2.74M ~ $3,255/Employee

Detection, Communication, Post Response, Lost Business

$1.42M (Avg) ~ 36% of overall cost

206 Human Error / 314 Malicious Attack

Third Party Breach, Compliance Failures, Cloud Migration

Invest InfoSec Services, Technology Employment, Encryption

The above stats were provided by IBM Security/Ponemon Institute “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2019“…for more detailed information visit: